Container shipping opportunity for Gisborne

Container shipping opportunity for Gisborne

Eastland Port are working with officials to get container shipping going while the region’s roading network is cut off and in a vulnerable state.

Eastland Port Chief Operating Officer Regional Infrastructure Andrew Gaddum said, “Getting containers onto our port would be a game changer for many local businesses whose freight routes have been severely disrupted.

“We are currently working with the government to get the necessary support to get it across the line.

“We have been in contact with numerous businesses who could make use of this service and already have several lined up, ready to go.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for local businesses, and we want to see the blue highway get more use so our port can continue to be used as a lifeline asset and ultimately help get our communities back on their feet.

“It would also come with significant environmental benefits with ship freight emissions being less than 10% of its road freight equivalent.

“We are looking at chartering the Rangitata to run between our port and Napier initially, with the potential to expand the service depending on customer demand.”

The Rangitata is a general cargo ship that is 67 metres long and includes a refrigerator option to transport perishable goods such as meat and produce.

Eastland Port recently submitted its Twin Berth Stage 2 application which had strong support from local businesses that would make use of a coastal container service.

“Over twenty supporting applications specifically mentioned the positive benefits of container shipping, so we know that it’s well-supported in our region,” said Mr Gaddum.

“We are meeting with many different departments and organisations daily about what is needed to get this going as quickly as possible.”

If your business could benefit from coastal container freight, please get in touch with Eastland Port by emailing