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Environment and community

Consents, meeting minutes and monitoring reports

Located in the heart of Gisborne City, surrounded by water, at the base of Titirangi, we have a responsibility and a commitment to caring for and respecting the environment.

At Eastland Port, all our operations must follow detailed consent conditions. Every significant project has its own management plan. We carry out comprehensive environmental monitoring, which we regularly report on.

We have meetings with our neighbours and the hapū of Tūranganui-a-Kiwa, to keep them updated on what’s happening right across the port.

Our team continue to work on a range of environmental initiatives to help improve the health and mauri of the moana, awa and whenua that surround us.

On this page you’ll find all our current consents, environmental reports for Twin Berth Stage 2, noise monitoring information, and the minutes of our community and hapū meetings.

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of port activity, you can report it right away by calling our port protection service on (06) 868 1372, or Gisborne District Council on (06) 867 2049. The full process is detailed below.

Environmental initiatives

From award-winning water treatment systems to our electric water truck and community planting days.
read more here.

Eastland Port Environment – new

Eastland Port Environment – new
Current consents
Eastland Group
The port operates under stringent consent conditions. To see all our current consents, management plans and monitoring reports, click here.
Twin Berth
Stage 2
Eastland Group
We have completed a comprehensive assessment of environmental effects to support our application for the Twin Berth Stage 2 consents. Read more here.
Noise management
Eastland Group
We’re committed to being a good neighbour, monitoring and reducing noise generated by port operations. Find out more.
Port Community Liaison Group
Eastland Group
We regularly meet with our neighbours and other community stakeholders. For minutes and presentations, click here.
Te Tai Uru
Eastland Group
This unique Tikanga-based forum is made up of representatives from the hapū of Tūranganui-a Kiwa. To read the minutes, click here.

Complaints and feedback

If you have a complaint or would like to report an issue, call our port protection service on (06) 868 1372, or Gisborne District Council on (06) 867 2049. To see exactly what happens when we receive a call, and how the complaint is addressed, click here.

We’re always keen to hear your ideas and suggestions. If you have any general feedback, or would like to send us any photos, please email: portfeedback@eastland.nz