Our brand

Eastland Group

Being perched on the easterly edge of New Zealand means Eastland Group has to be a versatile hunter, sometimes searching outside the region to make and take our opportunities.

We’ve invested heavily in infrastructure to power Gisborne’s economy, but we also look further to develop commercial opportunities, which include geothermal power stations in Kawerau and debarking operations in Whangarei.

We have a keen eye for commercial gain, and love the hunt. Being very fast and exceptionally agile allows us to seize opportunities on the wing.

We’re passionately territorial and always protect our own. It’s this mix of commercial intelligence and respect for our local community that sets us apart.

The Group is made up of three business units: Eastland Network, Eastland Port, and Eastland Generation. 

We’re different from others. We have a commercial mind, but a community heart.

We sponsor a number of community events, local clubs and business initiatives designed to grow Gisborne’s regional economy.

We do not glide aimlessly. Like the native karearea we are active chasers, making it happen for our shareholders and our East Coast community.

Our logo has a dual significance. It’s a stylised representation of the place we call home, the East Coast.

It also symbolises the karearea, one of New Zealand’s most impressive native birds. We have used aerial photography to give the ‘birds-eye’ view of our business operations.

The colours of our brand reflect the colour’s of our region. The Group logo is yellow like our sunrises and sunsets. The Eastland Network and Eastech logos are green like our bush and countryside.

Eastland Port’s logo is blue like the sea and the sky. The Eastland Debarking, Northland Debarking and Gisborne Airport logos are also blue. Eastland Generation’s logo is red like the pohutukawa and also like the scoria rock you find in areas of geothermal activity.

Our positioning line – we make it happen – is a simple reflection of the work we do. Our people make good things happen for our shareholder, our customers and our East Coast community.