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Major Hazard Facilities and Regulations

In 2015 a new Health and Safety at Work Act was introduced, which included specific regulations for Major Hazard Facilities (MHFs). If a facility has certain hazardous substances present in quantities above a set threshold, then it is classed as a MHF under the MHF Regulations. The Regulations are overseen by a specialist group within WorkSafe New Zealand and are designed to provide oversight and safety assurance of MHFs.

Our Major Hazard Facilities

We operate two geothermal power stations which are classified as MHFs. MHF facilities may be either an upper tier or lower tier facility depending on the quantity of specified hazardous substances onsite.

Geothermal Developments Limited

Geothermal Developments Limited is an lower tier facility under the Regulations.

Name of Operator Eastland Generation Limited
Location of Facility Spencer Avenue Kawerau
Person from whom information can be requested The Duty Operator 07 923 6040
General Description Geothermal Developments is a geothermal power facility utilising Ormat binary cycle energy conversion technology.  This technology uses n-Pentane as its motive fluid in a closed loop process. The site is situated on private land surrounded by indigenous forest and river.  It is accessed via a private access road.
How will a major incident at the facility be notified
  • Audible alarm on site
  • Physical barriers prevent access to site
  • Specific, potentially affected parties will be notified by telephone
  • Due to its isolated nature, the general public will not be notified other than by regular news channels or social media
What should members of the public do if an incident occurs
  • Do not approach or try to access the facility
  • Follow the instructions of the Emergency Services, Duty Operator and security personnel