Eastland Group

Geothermal Developments Limited

Located on the Kawerau geothermal field, our Geothermal Developments Limited (GDL) plant is 100% owned by Eastland Generation and generates 8MWe renewable, baseload electricity.

The plant is situated on land owned by the Matata Parish 39A 2A Ahu Whenua Trust and the Matata Parish 39A 2B 2B Ahu Whenua Trust and provides them with an income stream linked to plant productivity.

The plant, constructed by Ormat Technologies, was commissioned in 2008 and purchased by Eastland Generation in 2010.  The plant utilises Ormat binary cycle technology that is used in a several other geothermal power plants in New Zealand and worldwide.

This technology provides the benefit of reinjecting 100% of the geothermal fluid back into the reservoir after it has passed through the power plant, maximising the sustainability of the operation.

In 2013 a new suite of resource consents were issued to allow the plant to continue to operate for to 35 years.  These consents require the ongoing monitoring and management of the plant activities to ensure that the geothermal resource is sustainably used in conjunction with other users.