Supporting sustainability in schools

Supporting sustainability in schools

Enviroschools is an environmental action-based programme where young people are empowered to design and lead sustainability projects in their schools, neighbourhoods and communities.

Over the years, the programme has helped thousands of students from 27 Tairāwhiti schools to think and act sustainably, and care for the environment.

Eastland Port is proud to be a longtime sponsor of Enviroschools. We regularly donate bark mulch from our debarking operations, which is used around native trees and in gardens at schools across the region.

Enviroschools facilitator Kauri Forno says the bark they receive from Eastland Port is invaluable, and has helped them achieve a large native tree planting project over the years.

“Getting a supply of bark has been amazing,” Ms Forno said.

“Mulch teaches the students to care for their trees in the most sustainable way possible. We encourage our schools to be spray free and mulch keeps the weeds down, adds nutrients, keeps the roots cool in summer and also looks good.

“Schools also really appreciate the port delivering the mulch, sometimes up to six cubic metres at a time.

“It makes the development and maintenance of native plantings, fruit trees, rongoa gardens and veggie gardens a lot easier.”