Track going to be “stunning”

Track going to be “stunning”

The boardwalk section of the new track along the bottom of Titirangi/Kaiti Hill is progressing well as part of the wider Titirangi Restoration project.

The track is being paid for and delivered by Eastland Port as part of the overall restoration project managed by Gisborne District Council.

“It’s going to be stunning when its finished,” says Eastland Port general manager Andrew Gaddum.

“We’ve made the walkway easy to use for everyone from runners and walkers to tourists and people pushing prams. It’s an obvious addition to the network of paths already on Titirangi/Kaiti Hill connecting the town side safely to Kaiti Beach.

The new 500 metre track starts at the Waikahua Cottage site. It follows the remains of previous tracks and passes a second cottage site and areas of archaeological interest.

The raised boardwalk section in the centre of the track safely traverses the archaeologically sensitive area. Hand rails are due to be added soon.

From the boardwalk the track then continues along the ground beneath 100-150-year-old pohutukawa trees, then on to Kaiti Beach. A courtesy crossing has been created to help pedestrians get safely across the road to the beach.

“The port is proud to be creating the safe path so walkers can take in the Puhi Kai Iti Cook Landing Site when the new development is complete and visit Kaiti Beach, as well as allowing for views into the working port on the way.”

In July 1000 natives will be planted around the track to enhance the area.

For now however, work on the track has paused, while the Rakaiatane Road and Kaiti Beach Road upgrades are underway.