Bringing home the buoys

Bringing home the buoys

An Eastland Port telemetric buoy weighing 300kg and normally attached to the seabed via a two-tonne concrete mooring block was brought in for routine maintenance last week.

This pictured buoy captures swell height, direction and period data for the port and public to use.

It was recovered using the tug Titirangi and work boat Turanganui. A wharf-side crane was then used to lift the buoy ashore.

Eastland Port’s David Daniel and James Evans are working here to bust mussels off the tether chain.

Since this photo was taken the buoy has been cleaned and had its automated communications checked. It’s since been returned to its normal position south south-east of the shipping channel. The buoy is one of five Eastland Port routinely brings in for checking and maintenance.

At Eastland Port this February 271,079 tonnes of wood was loaded onto ten log vessels and two ships took away 3241 tonnes of squash.

Three cruise ships: Silver Muse, Golden Princess and Azamara Quest anchored in the harbour however unfavourable sea conditions meant passengers from Silver Muse and Golden Princess were the only ones able to come ashore. Gisborne can expect to host Golden Princess twice more in March wrapping up the cruise ship season.