Weather and waves delay log loading during June

Weather and waves delay log loading during June

Troublesome wave patterns interrupted log loading at Eastland Port last month leading to lower than forecast throughput.

This June 225,266 tonnes of wood was loaded onto 10 log vessels falling short of the expected 280,000 tonnes.

While in port two ships experienced lengthy loading delays, and a third ship was unable to berth.

Eastland Port general manager Andrew Gaddum says poor weather and disruptive wave patterns can impact vessel and staff safety.

“The key problems are long action waves within the port affecting vessel motion and as a result putting high loading pressure on mooring lines. We have a new mooring system being trialled over the next few months and we’re hopeful this will help to alleviate some of these issues.”

The Milau Bulker was moved out of port for two days.  Coria Bay experienced 24 hours loading delay as the port monitored the dangerous waves and swell. A third ship didn’t berth because of the setbacks with the first two.

Mr Gaddum says the wave patterns are not uncommon this time of year. “As the weather turns to the south we experience issues of this nature.”

Meanwhile, Eastland Port’s cart-in rates were lower than usual for some days during June as a result of flooding around the East Cape.

Normally, around 12,000 tonnes of logs are brought in each day. There were five days where cart-in rates dropped to less than 8000 tonnes and two days where less than 2000 tonnes was brought in.