Eastland Port records solid log throughput for July

Eastland Port records solid log throughput for July

WHILE down on the previous month Eastland Port throughput figures for July remain solid despite weather-related delays in loading one ship.

This July, 196,098 tonnes of wood was loaded onto 11 log vessels. It would have been 232,961 tonnes of wood had bad weather not kept one ship out of port as the month clicked over to August.

“It happens sometimes, that when bad weather strikes, a partially loaded ship will return to the bay and put its anchor down to wait out the rough conditions. It returns to Eastland Port to finish being loaded when it’s safe,” says Eastland Port General Manager Andrew Gaddum.

In June a total of 287,349 tonnes of wood was loaded onto 14 log vessels smashing all previous records.

Mr Gaddum says ships continue to safely come into the harbour while port staff fix the mid-channel buoy that floated off its moorings and onto the beach last month.

The buoy, which was lifted into place in May, broke away from the concrete block that holds it down.  “We are in the process of redesigning the anchor and will put the buoy back some time in the next few weeks.”

“Our recently upgraded port navigational programme means we can continue to provide a safe passage for maritime customers while the buoy is fixed.”

Image: Eastland Port deckhand Andrew Williams supervises transfer of the towline from the tug Waimata to the stern of the 17,000-tonne log ship Nord Yilan on approach to the port. Image by Brennan Thomas, Strike Photography.