Region’s first EV fast charging station is on the way

Region’s first EV fast charging station is on the way

Gisborne is about to get its very first EV (electric vehicle) fast charging station, with current and future local EV drivers, businesses and the wider tourism industry expected to benefit.

Eastland Group has announced that it’s installing a new Terra 53 charging station in Gladstone Road, between Eastland’s head office and the Emerald Hotel.

Electrinet will soon start laying cabling from the Eastland Network transformer on Read’s Quay. Temporary fencing will be going up around the Gladstone Road site, with room left for pedestrians to continue using the footpath.

The initial preparations are expected to take approximately two weeks.

The charging station is being imported through a specialist company and will be put in separately, before the end of July.


“We’re excited about this next step in opening up the region to electric vehicles,” said Eastland Group business development general manager Gavin Murphy.

“To encourage electric car drivers to visit our region, and help grow the uptake of EVs amongst locals, we’ll be offering free charging until the end of the year.

“Drivers can simply pull up and plug in. It will take 20 to 30 minutes for a fast, full charge, so while they’re waiting, they can check out the shops and grab a coffee.”

Mr Murphy said that groups of EV owners regularly tour around the country, and have already expressed their interest in coming to the region.


“People may wonder why we’re doing this now, when there are still only a few EVs and hybrids in the region.

“EVs are cheap for owners to run and, because they operate on 80% renewable energy in this country, they help reduce carbon emissions. If you look at the map you’ll see the rapid development of fast charging infrastructure around the country, and indeed the world.

“The positive economic, environmental and tourism benefits are potentially huge.”

The New Zealand government is aiming to have 64,000 EVs registered in New Zealand by 2021. The uptake is rapid, with EV registrations last month the strongest on record.

Mr Murphy said that Eastland Group had applied to the government’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, and was hoping to receive support to build further fast chargers in the region and open up the routes to Opotiki, Napier and around the Coast. He was expecting to receive a response at the end of August.

Image from showing the Gladstone Road charging station is under construction.