Reminder: be prepared for the power outage tomorrow, 6am – 2pm

Reminder: be prepared for the power outage tomorrow, 6am – 2pm

Gisborne and the East Coast will be without power on Sunday, 18 December, while final repairs to the high voltage lines are completed.

Eastland Network’s crews are making a final push today to get everything ready for tomorrow’s power outage.

From 6am until around 2pm on Sunday 18 December, the power to Gisborne and the East Coast will be turned off so the crews can safely finish repairs to the damaged high voltage lines near Hangaroa.

Eastland Network general manager, Brent Stewart, said about 20 specialists and contractors are involved. “We’ll use a helicopter for some parts of it, but really once again it will come down to the use of a bulldozer and the grunt of the men on the ground and in the air.”

He asked everyone in the region to make sure they were fully prepared.

“This has been a long and difficult week for everybody, and we’re grateful that people have been so patient. Once we’re finished tomorrow, the region’s power supply will be secured, with both 110kV transmission circuits fully operational. But first, we’re asking residents to prepare for one more day without power – including in areas with generators, just in case.”

Updates on progress will be posted on the Eastland Network Facebook page and shared on the radio throughout Sunday.

  • Turn appliances off at the wall tonight, and switch them on again once power is restored.
  • During the power outage, treat all lines as live at all times.
  • Remember that electricity supply may resume at any time.
  • Check on neighbours to make sure they’re okay.
  • Please like and share our Facebook posts so that everyone can be ready for Sunday’s power outage.