Eastland Network warns Pokémon hunters to stay safe near electricity

Eastland Network warns Pokémon hunters to stay safe near electricity

Eastland Network has issued a warning to Pokémon hunters as the game grows in popularity across the Gisborne, Wairoa and East Coast region.

Pokémon Go encourages players to locate virtual Pokémon hiding in the real world and capture them using their mobile phones.

But Eastland Network general manager, Brent Stewart, says players need to stay away from power lines, boxes, substations and electrical worksites when playing the new online game.

“We don’t want to kill anyone’s buzz about the game, but we don’t want to see anyone injured either. High voltage areas like power lines and substations are no place for video game players.”

Mr Stewart says Pokémon should be caught from a safe distance, even when they were showing on the app near potentially dangerous sites.

“We can’t control where the Pokémon appear, so we need players to make sure they catch their Pokémon from a safe distance. Never try to climb on power lines or power boxes, or enter substations and electrical worksites, and treat all powerlines as lines live at all times.”

Mr Stewart also urged parents of children and teenagers who play the game to talk to their children about staying safe around electricity, and to ensure pets were kept under control too.

Safety reminders:

  • Treat ALL power lines as live at ALL times.
  • Stay away from power boxes, substations and electrical worksites.
  • Never climb, jump, or sit on a power box.
  • Do not kick or poke anything inside a power box.
  • Do not throw things into power lines.
  • Stay away from power lines that have fallen on the ground. They may still be live and could give you an electrical shock.
  • Trees growing into power lines can also cause electrical shock. Check for power lines before climbing any tree.

For further information about safety visit: www.eastlandnetwork.nz/safety