Amphibious excavator starts work at Waihi Dam

Amphibious excavator starts work at Waihi Dam

As planned, a specialist amphibious excavator from Extreme Excavators in Whakatane has been operating on site at Waihi Dam today.

Eastland Group chief executive Matt Todd says he believes the company has managed the Waihi Dam appropriately and effectively.

“We are doing all we can to repair three sluice gates which were damaged by extreme weather last year, in accordance with resource consents from Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. We are working  to get the sluice gates repaired and the dam fully operational as quickly as possible.”

Two other contractors have been on site at Waihi Dam. A team from Greenfield Diving has been undertaking repairs on Gate 3 and making preparations for the arrival of the specialist amphibious excavator. This team has also been undertaking replacement part fabrication in their workshop, and preparing the other equipment required this week in association with the amphibious excavator.

The other team is from QRS. Three QRS excavators and two trucks were involved in the ongoing clean-out of the temporary gabion baskets at the confluence of the Waihi and Waiau Rivers last week. This work is continuing, with the QRS team expected to be on site every day this week.

“Once the build-up of silt and debris is removed from behind the dam, repair work will begin on the gates themselves. We are focussed on getting the gates fully closed and the dam operational as soon as possible.”

Mr Todd said gabion baskets had been installed downstream from the dam. He urged anyone affected by water quality issues to make contact with the company by calling Brent Stewart, Eastland Network general manager on 06 869-0700.