Eastland Port makes it happen for district’s young lifesavers

Eastland Port makes it happen for district’s young lifesavers

Eastland Port today announced its naming rights sponsorship of next weekend’s Eastern Regional Junior Championships to be held in Gisborne for the first time on 12 and 13 February.

“As a vibrant central city port, our focus for sponsorship has been on supporting our region’s young athletes,” said Eastland Port general manager, Andrew Gaddum.

“The ERC events have a proud history of being not only one of the biggest junior surf life saving events in New Zealand, but one of the most competitive. The competition offers almost all the events available at the 2016 U14 NZ Championships, drawing upon the best of the best to determine the Eastland Port 2016 Eastern Regional Junior Champions and Top Club.”

Mr Gaddum said organisers were expecting around 1000 people to arrive for the events.

“Around four or five hundred are young athletes and there will be a similar number of supporters, parents, coaches and managers.”

He said Eastland Port and its parent company Eastland Group launched new company-wide logos in December 2015.

“All those athletes will be wearing vests bearing our new Eastland Port logo each time they compete, so that’s exciting for us to see. But the real buzz is seeing junior surf life savers going hard for their clubs in the surf, in a top competition doing something they love.”

Mr Gaddum said while he could see the city beaches from his office at Eastland Port, he intended to be on the sand for the weekend, “so I can be right in the thick of the competition” and encouraged others to do the same.

About Eastland Port

Located right in the heart of Gisborne city, Eastland Port is the most easterly commercial shipping port in New Zealand. We are proud to be the country’s most efficient logging port. Our local forestry industry continues to grow, providing opportunity and employment for our entire region. Log export volumes are booming – from 350,000 tonnes in 2005 to 2.32million tonnes in 2015… and still growing

Eastland Port’s other sponsorships include Poverty Bay Kayak Club and Gisborne Trampoline Club.