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Eastland Network is your local electricity network, getting power to you

Getting connected

For most customers getting connected to the Eastland Network is easy.

Large capacity connections, and connections that require new lines or cables to be installed, have more specialised requirements.

Completing our ‘Application for Service’ form is the best place to start. This is required for all new connections and for alterations to existing connections which may affect the operation of the network.

You will need the go-ahead from your energy retailer and they will also need you to complete a separate application.

DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE or you can ask your electrician for one.

Allow five working days (from when we get your form) for the processing of your application.


Electricity supply disclosure

Eastland Network, like all suppliers in the electricity industry, cannot guarantee continuous supply of power.

From time to time there may be localised outages where the electricity supply is interrupted. These unplanned power cuts can be caused by any number of things beyond our control, including equipment failure, trees falling through lines, vehicle accidents and storms.

These faults cannot be predicted or notified ahead of time, and although we do our best to get things running as soon and as safely as possible, restoration times will vary depending on the extent of repair work required.

“Eastland Network strongly advises all medically dependent consumers to make an emergency back up plan with their health provider to get them through.”

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