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Eastland Debarking

A joint venture established in late 2008 between Eastland Port and Hikurangi Forest Farms, Eastland Debarking has gone from strength to strength and now handles most of the quality logs harvested on the East Coast.

Our machines are designed to completely remove bark from the logs, which means they are insect free and able to be loaded as deck cargo without harsh chemicals. Previously all logs had to be treated with methyl bromide which can be toxic. Now it’s much better for the environment and all our bark is re-used as quality garden mulch.

Removing the bark also allows for more logs to be loaded onto each ship. And we can provide an anti-sap stain treatment if required. This prevents the growth of sap stain, mould, and decay fungi and keeps the wood at it’s best – and at high value for arrival in export markets.


Steve O’Dwyer,Operations Manager

021 501 570
steve dot o’dwyer at eastland dot nz

PO Box 1048, Gisborne 4040

Eastland Port Debarkers


Eastland Port Debarkers


Northland Debarking

Northland Debarking provides debarking and anti-sap treatment to forestry customers in the Northland region.

Situated at Northport the deep water facility at Marsden Point on Whangarei Harbour, the 1.1 hectare operation is 100% owned by Eastland Port.


Virgil Leahy, Operations Manager

021 760 037
virgil dot leahy at eastland dot nz

PO Box 94, Ruakaka 0151

Eastland Port Debarkers

Eastland Port Debarkers