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Twin berth planned development

In May 2017 the port revealed its twin berth planned development which involves repair and maintenance of aging port structures so it can park two 200m long ships at port at the same time – something it can’t currently do.

The nature of a port is that it must change and respond to the needs of regional industry.

When regions invest in great infrastructure communities have greater access to economic opportunities and growers have efficient ways to move goods to market. As a result productivity soars, opportunities increase, and our society thrives.

The port’s current profitability thanks to forestry gives us confidence this is a sound business investment. Check out for more information.

Eastland Port Projects

Eastland Port Projects

Rain garden

Eastland Port continues to look for ways to reduce its environmental footprint and the recent addition of the upper log yard rain garden is a great example.

Eastland Port now has two rain gardens on the upper log yard helping remove sediment and slow down storm water before it flows into the port’s  lamella filter plant, and then into the Kopuawhakapata Stream.

The addition of the new large rain garden means we can now filter all the yard’s rain water twice before it hits the stream.

It works by filtering storm water through a soil mix medium and plants which have been chosen specifically for their fibrous root systems and ability to suck up water.

The port’s rain gardens have cost around $30,000 to create and are similar to the two gardens at the end of Grey St at Waikanae Beach.

Eastland Port Projects

Eastland Port Projects

Upper log yard

  • Recent $12 million upgrade completed in September 2015
  • This milestone is the culmination of seven years of consultation and planning, extending the yard’s footprint to 2.4 hectares
  • The upper log yard’s world-class storm water treatment system includes two Lamella clarifier systems that can treat up to fifty cubic meters of water every hour

CLICK TO WATCH THE TIMELAPSE VIDEO of the upper log yard filling up

Eastland Port Projects

Eastland Port Projects

Matawhero Log Yard

Eastland Port created the Dunstan Road Matawhero log storage yard in 2011 and has increased its size from 2.8 ha to 5.7 ha over the past six years. There’s another 2.1 ha of yard area consented and available for development should it be required.

Reshaping the slipway

The slipway needs to be made smaller so we can safely manoeuvre two 200m long vessels in port. The slipway reshaping work will also help with the Tairāwhiti Navigations programme which will see Waikanae Stream linked by footbridge to the slipway and training wall.

Eastland Port Projects

Eastland Port Projects