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Te Ahi O Maui

Once completed in 2018, the Te Ahi O Maui geothermal power plant will generate approximately 25 megawatts of electricity from a site 2.3 kilometres north-east of the Kawerau township in the eastern Bay of Plenty.

That’s enough new power for 25,000 homes.

Resource consents have been awarded and the project is underway. We’re well on track and all going to plan the new plant will be operational by 2018.

The consents allows for the transfer of 15,000 tonnes of geothermal fluid each day from the Kawerau reservoir for 35 years.

Between 70% and 100% of this fluid will be reinjected back into the reservoir to ensure that the field is sustainable and replenished.

The Te Ahi O Maui geothermal project is a New Zealand partnership between Eastland Generation Ltd and Kawerau A8D Ahu Whenua Trust.

Eastland Generation Ltd is an Eastland Group business.

Eastland Generation Te Ahi O Maui

Te Ahi O Maui should be operational by 2018.

Eastland Generation Te Ahi O Maui